Zenfolio | Created Wonderfully Photography by Christie Tate | Boudoir FAQs

  • We are a full service boudoir boutique and feel it is a disservice to our clients to offer digital images only. You are worth more than being stuck on a disk in a drawer somewhere...
  • Plan on being at the studio for 3.5-4 hours total, it's a good idea to tell your significant other that you are going to a make up party, if you are trying to surprise them with this gift.
  • Your appointment time is not guaranteed until reservation fee is paid, the time spot you are wanting is first come first served.
  • We do initial consultations in person to go over your shoot and help answer any and all questions and help decide what outfits will be best for your shoot.
  • Any anonymous images may be used of your shoot unless you give written notice stating you don't want that.
  • Please be on time for your shoot, if you are late your session may be canceled and shoot may not be rescheduled at the discretion of the photographer.  If the need to reschedule arrises please do so within 24 hours.
  • Please bring your own foundation if you normally use any. Please let us know of any cosmetic allergies.
  • There are no cell phone photos allowed during the shoot.
  • There are no men allowed in the shoot unless it is a couples shoot which has been pre approved with the photographer before booking.  Photographer reserves the right to stop the shoot at any time.
  • Please let the photographer know if you have any physical limitations during posing or are not comfortable with any of the poses and the nature of the photos. 
  • Editing- Your images will be color/exposure corrected with minimal “touching” done to them. If there is a desire for any additional editing, this will be discussed at the reveal session. 
  • Nerves are normal, it will go away fast!  There is no alcohol permitted during the shoot. 
  • Please discuss the possibility of a spray tan with us, they do not always look great in these photos, there are some preferred vendors we suggest you use, if you desire this service. 
  • You may bring a friend if you choose to do so, just make sure you can be 100% comfortable in front of them.
  • Your reservation fee only covers one purchasing session, if you do not purchase any, there is no print credit given for any other viewings and there is a $150 fee to do another.
  • Typically your images will be ready to view in two weeks unless other arrangements have been discussed, there are no guarantees about date of delivery for any printed products. 
  • If a payment plan is desired, no images are released and no products are ordered until paid in full. 
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We look forward to seeing you!!  Please call or text Christie at 336.710.8567 with any questions you may have!